A Summary of Konnech Products and the Threats Posed Against the United States

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Posted in Konnech
on April 17, 2023

The article describes Konnech Inc, a technology company that provides products, including smartphone applications, for the management of polling locations, poll workers, and mail-in ballots necessary for running elections in the United States, Canada, and Australia. One of their products, PollChief, is an Election Worker Management System (EMS) that utilizes cloud services that connect to hardware and is often connected to the internet via smartphone applications. Konnech has contracts with many counties all over the United States and has a history of providing services to the City of Detroit. The article also mentions that Konnech received funding from the Department of Defense and provides a detailed description of the features of PollChief's Field Force Manager, including geofencing, camera usage, and geo-tuning.

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