Konnech CEO Eugene Yu's ties to CCP election software company [VIDEO]

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Posted in Konnech
on April 17, 2023

The article discusses the arrest of Eugene Yu and his company Konnech's relation to the Chinese government. The media had reported Yu's age as 51 when he is actually 65. Yu incorporated Konnech in Michigan in 2002, and his Chinese company, Jinhua Yulian Network, was established in 2005. Despite the media reports of Konnech's China subsidiary being closed in 2021, Konnech still hired IT professionals in China as recently as June 2022. Yu holds a US patent, and two co-inventors from China were also involved in another new company, Jinhua Hongzheng Technology, in which Yu's trusted family member holds shares. Hongzheng Technology provides election voting and related software solutions to the Chinese government. The article questions the connection between Konnech and Hongzheng Technology and how they are related.

Read the full article and watch the video here.