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Open Ink is a free platform which allows you to find information that might not be otherwise available

Access to open records, data and intelligence is the foundation for transparent governance and accountability.

Users can post requests for research and other users can answer these requests.

We also provide extensive training on digital tools that allow researchers to make their work more efficient.

Open Ink provides a place for you to store all your records, intelligence and data. With Open Ink, you can rest assured that your data will be kept safe.

Open Ink provides you with tools to research and analyze your data, as well as allowing you to share your findings with other researchers.

We provide searchable access to open records, data and intelligence - whether you need court filings, open records, data or intelligence, we can provide you with a link.

We provide researchers with information and tools to make their research more efficient.

Open Ink is free to use and will always be free to use.

We provide links to researchers, researchers can find others to collaborate with.

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