Konnech's 2DMeeting Domains Exposed And How This Relates To The Leaking Of PII To Chinese Servers.

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Posted in Konnech
on April 17, 2023

The article discusses the connections between Konnech, a Detroit-based company that offers products that can track election workers and connect to the internet, and some Chinese R&D subsidiaries. The article reveals that there are many domains owned by Konnech, with the most alarming domain being 2Dmeeting, a subsidiary of Jinhua Hongzheng Technology Co. Ltd. 2DMeeting.cn is licensed under Jinhua Hongzheng Technology Company, the same company that has extensive cooperation with security cryptography experts and professors of a famous domestic university, engaged in the security encryption research of online election voting. Additionally, Jinhua Hongzheng Technology Co. Ltd. Advertises a variety of products that utilize Huawei technology, which was banned from the United States. The article questions how the use of a Network System and Data Processing Method for Absentee Election, whose patent is now owned by China, is legal to be used in election systems in the United States, and why the FBI has done nothing about this.

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